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We are experienced real estate professionals whose leadership enables us to identify and respond to client needs in order to maximize success in real estate. RECON has always championed the cost effectiveness  of the maquiladora concept and continues to facilitate the real estate process for clients wishing to establish operations. Recognizing that each market is unique, we have chosen to focus on the El Paso / New Mexico /  Mexico area. RECON assists each client through every aspect of the transaction process. We work to insure that the client is comfortable with the process and, more importantly, that the client’s goals are met or exceeded. We interface effectively with property owners, leaders, title insurance agents, developers, engineers, utility companies, architects, attorneys, zoning officials, public inspectors, contractors, economic development representatives, and city/county officials. We perform and maintain in-depth research in house, so we can give you an accurate picture of current trends.   RECON has formed strategic alliances with national industry leaders in the U.S. and Mexico to help clients quickly, efficiently and effectively locate their facilities on both sides of the border. Our unique relationships offer our clients an integrated industrial real estate service, which goes unmatched in the El Paso / Texas / Mexico market.


  • Industrial Opportunities
      RECON provides sale and lease representation for owners and tenants.

      Development and Construction Supervision

      Related Consulting Services


  • Retail and Investment
    RECON provides tenant/buyer and owner/developer representation.
    RECON actively participates in the sale/acquisition of single and multi tenanted
    investment properties and land investment opportunities.





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