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El Paso is the largest international metroplex in the world and offers the following advantages:

      A youthful, highly‑trainable, bilingual workforce with a wide variety of skill levels and a strong work ethics.  The largest bi-lingual and bi-cultural workforce in the Western Hemisphere.

      Over seventy Fortune 500 companies are located in the region.

     A strategic location providing access to an extensive transportation network composed of two international
airports, two interstate highways, five international ports of entry and three rail service providers, with two that serve Mexico.

     A key geographic position among the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) nations and along the U.S.‑Mexico border.

     International and domestic business support services providing ready access to capital and technology.

   A multitude of higher education and training facilities including the University of Texas at El Paso,
Advanced Technology Center at El Paso Community College, Texas Tech Medical School, Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center,
New Mexico State University, the University of Phoenix, Park University , and Webster University.

     The city is in a right-to-work state with low unionization (six percent in the El Paso area).

     One of the lowest franchise taxes in the United States, no personal income tax, Enterprise Zone tax incentives,
the Freeport Exemption, (no inventory taxes on goods for up to 175 days), tax abatement programs, two Foreign Trade Zones (15 sites),
and waivers of the state sales and use tax on manufacturing equipment.

     An Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) ‑ ready, fiber optic telecommunications infrastructure.

     An exceptional quality of life characterized by year round outdoor recreation, low crime rates and unique cultural blend.

    El Paso is the fifth largest city in Texas and the 23rd largest city in the United States.  The total metro population is approximately 2.6 million.

♦   The largest inland military complex in the world.

♦   Forty Industrial Parks.

♦   The region provides industrial companies the opportunity to engage in "Production Sharing".

Source:  El Paso Chamber of Commerce



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